How can reporting on indicator 4.1.1 benefit individual countries?

Reporting on indicator 4.1.1 allows individual countries to understand how their students are performing in reading and mathematics relative to their peers in other countries. Having robust, reliable, and comprehensive data on the proportion of students meeting global minimum proficiency levels can help Ministry of Education (MOE) decision-makers identify policy-related changes required to improve learning outcomes.

This data, along with other sources, can also help them identify where to best deploy limited financial and technical resources, including those supplied by donor and technical partners. It can also help MOE decision-makers establish informed partnerships with donors and the global education community to improve learning outcomes.

The process of leveraging the GPF and reporting on indicator 4.1.1 can help MOEs and education partners identify technical capacity needs. It can also create repositories of data that can be used as reliable institutional knowledge. This can be particularly helpful during times of transition.